Who we are

Cloudwatt, sovereign producer of computing power, offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as well as concrete solutions to use-cases such as Big Data and one-click application deployment. In minutes you can provision versatile virtual resources thanks to our console, whether to deploy your applications or store and manipulate your data. One of the great perks of the cloud? You only pay for what you use.

6 reasons to use our cloud
  • Adopt the prince of open source technology, OpenStack, which imposes itself as the world standard with over 3000 contributors daily,
  • Innovate with ease thanks to the variety of flexible resources at your disposal,
  • Utilize our open APIs, simplifying the administration of your platforms,
  • Put your confidence in a secure sovereign infrastructure, which is anti-DDOS,
  • Benefit from a connectivity facilitating the establishment of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Choose a partner on the cloud through our ecosystem of services and partners specifically oriented towards Cloudwatt coaching and support.
This offer is directed to professionals in data and IT, to both public organizations and enterprises. Start a new experience, test out our services!
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Cloudwatt was founded in September 2012, by Orange, Thales and the Caisse des Dépôts, acting on the initiative of the French State to increase the number of sovereign actors in the cloud industry. Since March of 2015, Cloudwatt is 100% affiliated with Orange and integrated into Orange Cloud for Business in order to accelerate the deployment of sovereign public cloudspace in France and Europe.

Since January 2016, le name “Cloudwatt” refers to the Orange Cloud for Business’s IaaS solution portfolio based on 100% opensource Openstack technology or to the PaaS solution portfolio with the Big Data offer (First French DBaaS offer).

Orange is a French multinational telecommunications corporation. It is a global provider for mobile phone, landline, Internet, mobile internet, and IP television services, with +225 million customers and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.

Our Vocation

Sovereign cloud for the computing power independence of France and Europe as a whole.

Our Ambition

To cover all opportunities and use-cases of the digital world.

What We Require of Ourselves

Optimal client experience, Security, and Availability

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Placed in the top three CloudScreener ranking on web hosting comparison, Cloudwatt is proud to bring the performance of a sovereign public cloud to companies wishing to combine performance and security with a broad choice of solutions. Our mission is to provide innovative services based on OpenStack and meet the most suitable practices of cloud-ready application development. These services are also available at the lowest cost to ensure optimized budget for your company.

The Cloudwatt offer conforms to the fundamentals of public cloudspace

  • Pay as you go model
  • On Demand Self Service
  • Broad Network Access
  • Rapid Elasticity & Ressource Pooling
  • Block as well as Object Storage
  • A catalogue of "cloud ready" images covering a large selection of scenarios, and the possibility of importing your own images
  • Network components favorable for extending existing enterprise networks by building one's own private network in the public cloud (direct connection and MPLS offers)

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Sovereignty and localization of all data in Europe
  • Offer not under the Patriot Act
  • Contracts under French law, transparent and reversible
  • Protection of data thanks to a secure sovereign infrastructure
  • Two production datacenters tier IV equivalent (rate of availability: 99,95%) based in Normandy and Rueil operated by Orange
  • Use of free cooling, reducing the power needed for maintenance
  • 3 level security to access storage facilities including biometrics
  • Redundant power supplies, batteries, and generators for continuous power
The choice of open source for a guarantee of independence

Cloudwatt's innovative infrastructure solutions are based on OpenStack (open source technology) to guarantee transparency, reversibility, and localization of data at the best prices on technology that sets the standards of tomorrow.

Cloudwatt is a member of the Openstack foundation and an active contributor of the community.

All the Openstack APIs are at your disposal: Nova, Glance, Keystone, Cinder, Swift, Heat, Neutron, Magnum as well as the Horizon management console.

This ensures a complete reversibility. So you are able to migrate easily from any Openstack based cloud provider to our services. Do not hesitate !

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Why bid on OpenStack?
OpenStack is a framework of open source software allowing the deployment of cloud computing infrastructures:

  • Openness and interoperability through the open APIs
  • Active communication with over 3000 daily contributors
  • Involvement of major players
  • Innovative ecosystem
  • Support from the community
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Why bid on OpenContrail?
OpenContrail is an open source software for network virtualization:

  • Openness and interoperability
  • Active community
  • Scalable architecture
  • High availability
  • Proven Juniper technology

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