Deploying applications to Cloudwatt is power real-time access to a cloud offering on-demand, self-service and elasticity with access to large server-based computing resources, storage and network. It's also benefiting from:

  • Sovereignty by hosting my data and applications in a trusty French cloud protecting individual liberties and users privacy
  • 100% Opensource Technology (OpenStack, OpenContrail) that mobilizes the most active communities worldwide and guarantees technological independence
  • Continuous innovation by focusing and investing on your heart business and minimizing your system administration efforts
  • Security through an infrastructure hosted in a Tier III + / Tier IV data center and protected against denial of service attacks DDOS
  • An ecosystem of partners providing support services, integration and operation
  • The top 3 performance reports - functionality / market price according to the Journal Du Net, ahead of other French and international cloud provider actors.


Technical blog



Cloudwatt Blog

How can I suggest new apps?
  • Either by making a pull request in the Cloudwatt Github
  • Or by contacting us at
  • What is the support level for these Apps?

    Cloudwatt makes available opensource apps. However Cloudwatt does not provide specific support on how to use these applications (for example, a question about the run of Wordpress should be addressed to the Wordpress community)

How much does it cost?

These stacks are for most of them, free of charge for the software. You just have to pay the usage fee for the platform.

How can I launch an app?

3 ways are available and described in the technical blog article of the apps you wish to deploy :

  • Thru the CLI mode
  • Thru the Openstack Heat module of the console
  • Thru the 1-click way by pressing DEPLOY