Resilient infrastructures with a lot of features

Fast Intel Cores

Cloudwatt utilizes latest gen 100% Intel CPUs and a specific algorithm to never over provision them. You can count on consistent CPU performance at all times 24x7.

Tier 4 Datacenter for your digital Power

Our new generation data centers (Normandie, France and Rueil, France) are an innovative, energy efficient, resilient and highly- secure building. With a target PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.2, a green IT thanks to the free-cooling and highly secured: redundancy, firewall, backups…

Advanced Networking Connectivity

For highly consumptive uses of network traffic, Cloudwatt allows the establishment of dedicated 1 or 10 Gbps direct peering interconnections. You can make direct or private (MPLS) connections between Cloudwatt and your different sites!

Top storage

Object storage or block storage, petabytes are ready for use!

Activate in Seconds, Online 24x7x365, SLA 99.9%

Create your account on-line, your tenant is automatically up in seconds! Spin up your instance or deploy Apps of our marketplace - typically within 60 seconds.

Specific control panel

Take control of your VMs directly from our console. Services administration via user friendly web console

Powerful Openstack and Cloudwatt API

Let your imagination fly in the Cloud using our Openstack and Cloudwatt API to spin up, destroy, and control your instances.

Per minute Billing

Cloudwatt doesn't lock you in to a long term contract - add, remove or upgrade instances as you need them! Pay as you go with our flexible per minute billing policy and get discount for monthly compute usage.

Large Operating System Possibilities

Choose from our library of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Opensuse, Windows, CoreOS or Suse images or upload your own made image and share it with your community


DDoS Protection that keeps your services online and secure!

On top of classic authentification by login/password, use public or private SSH keypairs to access your instances.

Setup your security groups as you wish to filter flows in or out


Deploy the Load Balancer As A service, a key element of any web apps architecture. Leverage the Openstack APis for enhanced orchestration!

Powerful Orchestration Engine

OpenStack Orchestration is a template-driven engine that allows application developers to describe and automate the deployment of infrastructure. The flexible template language can specify compute, storage and networking configurations as well as detailed post-deployment activity to automate the full provisioning of infrastructure as well as services and applications. Possibilities become infinite!


Want more than IaaS? Looking for instances's log management, supervision, backup or IPsec VPN, dev & test environment or a simple tchat room... Deploy popular applications on our high performance cloud servers with a single click.


Our software development kits – Python, Java, Javascript, php - enable you to create and connect applications to Cloudwatt’s services.

Root Administrator Access

All virtual machines come with full "root" access and you can attach a floating IP address. Your instance will look & feel like a dedicated server but for a fraction of the price!

Share your Tenant

Invite your friends / colleagues / partners in your tenant so that they can benefit from your cloud resources!

User roles

Benefit from our user role management to fine tune the read and write roles of the users.