Orange Partner – Orange Developer

Orange Partner and Orange Developer, 2 complementary portals to foster open innovation with Orange

Orange Partner: where partners plug into Orange innovation
Tier 4 Datacenter for your digital Power

With Orange Partner, startups, enterprises and developers can access 10+ collaboration programs from tools to build their solution to support to grow their business.

They can also access to 50+ Orange experts to engage directly the discussion with Orange, and get inspired by 100+ of our partners who share what they do with us.

The strength of our partnerships lies in a virtuous cycle: new business and greater visibility for partners, value added offers for Orange, and better services, features and experience for our final customers.

Orange Developer: a window to Orange self-service APIs
Tier 4 Datacenter for your digital Power

Orange self-service API portfolio includes 20+ APIs offering identity, payment, cloud or IoT solutions to name just a few. The portal provides a best in class developer experience with standardized documentations in swagger mode, SDKs and sample codes, along with usage tracking tools.

The Orange API catalogue is composed of multi-local offers which allow a unique model of localized distribution and support, and offer relevant and personalized development services on a country by country basis.

What does this mean? The opportunity to interact with Orange experts who know their local market, ensuring partners receive the visibility and business development support they need to maximize their growth potential.