100% opensource iaas and even more

Cloud servers

On-demand virtual machines available in various vCPU, RAM and local disk packs

  • Spawn your instances in less than 30 seconds
  • Look at our flavors: small, balanced, optimized for CPU, optimized for RAM or optimized for disk. More than 20 preconfigured choices!
  • Choose between a wide range of Linux, Windows and Suse OS distributions
  • Pilot your infrastructure thru the powerful Openstack APIs
  • Get a free floating IP for each instance
  • Pay only the consumed resources, without service access charge or long term commitment
  • An urgent need for additional CPU? Resize your instance in 1-click without shutting them down
  • Benefit from the multi-region to deploy your entreprise critical workloads on different datacenters
Object storage

Persistent object storage independent of the cloud servers

  • Benefit from the triple replication of the data on a single datacenter or benefit from the triple replication on the two datacenters
  • Don’t be afraid of volume: petabyte available!
  • Configure private or public data containers
  • Pilot your infrastructure thru the powerful Openstack Swift APIs
  • Leverage the S3 compatible APIs
Block storage

Persistent storage volumes linked to Cloud Servers

  • Choose between 2 quality grades: Standard or Performant offering 500 or 2500 guaranteed IOPS
  • Attach / detach volume as you wish
  • You know what? they is also an Openstack API for Cinder!
  • SQL or noSQL database, boot volumes, instance snapshots... Some of the use cases of Block Storage

A SDN just for you! Setup private networks, declare virtual routers, attach public IP address, etc.

  • Low latency infrastructure thanks to 4 POPs - Points Of Presence - around Paris
  • Deploy the Load Balancer As A service, a key element of any web apps architecture
  • Pilot your infrastructure thru the powerful Openstack Neutron APIs
  • Your first floating IP is FREE! All INbound traffic is FREE!
Direct Connect

Benefits from direct or private connections between Cloudwatt and your different sites.

For highly consumptive uses of network traffic, 3 offers to fit your need of dedicated bandwidth!

  • Direct Connect BGP
  • Direct Connect MPLS
  • Direct Connect VPN Galerie. More information on Orange Business Services web site

Creation and management of Hadoop-as-a-service clusters

  • Hadoop distributions agnostic: Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Apache, Storm, Spark …
  • Simplified Hadoop Cluster and Jobs life-cycle-management
  • Hadoop Clusters with Business Applications mixed in the same environment.
  • Available through friendly graphical interface, as well as REST API
  • Benefit from Cloudwatt’s cloud infrastructure performance and pricing (Pay-As-You-Go)
MyCloudManager (beta)

An app that helps you in the day-to-day administration of your instances and their applicative layer! With MyCloudManager :

  • Get graphs and reports for monitoring and supervision
  • Receive alerts on events
  • Look at the logs
  • Schedule jobs as you wish
  • Backup your instances in full or incremental mode
Container as a service CaaS (bata)

Simplify the lifecycle of your Docker environment. Enter the container world with Openstack Magnum and leverage the power of the Kubernetes and Swarm orchestrators!