“Visitor”: any person visiting the Web site

“Cookie”: a small file stored on the hard disk of the device (computer, etc.) used by the related Website to log information during each visit, and thus facilitating the tracking of browsing actions on the site. This feature, which can be turned off, guarantees anonymity on webpages not requiring authentication.


The purpose of these General Conditions of Use is to define the terms and conditions applicable to usage of the Web site

Field of application

These General Conditions of Use apply to Visitors of the Web site accessible from the URL: Orange Cloud for Business is entitled to modify some or all of this document, at any time, without giving prior notice.

Intellectual Property

This Web side as well as the elements it comprises are protected by intellectual property rights. In this regard, any reproduction or representation of these elements, not authorized, for any purpose other than strictly personal, is not allowed, and is liable to lead to civil and/or penal sanctions.

Personal data

Orange Cloud for Business hereby informs the Visitor that personal data concerning the visitor, direct or indirect, are collected as follows:

Some data are optional and some are mandatory; this is indicated by an Asterix in the concerned rubrics. Should Orange Cloud for Business shall be considered the party responsible for processing all of the above data, which is collected for the following purposes: to train Orange Cloud for Business personnel, to improve the service, to improve the quality of the offers available, to identify Visitors, and to identify and select persons applying to work for Orange Cloud for Business. To this end, Orange Cloud for Business has and will continue to respect all the formalities set forth by the French Data Privacy Law. In compliance with this Law, Visitors are entitled to access, modify and object to data concerning them personality. To exercise these rights, the concern Visitor simply sends Orange Cloud for Business a letter indicating his/her family name, first name, telephone number, identity (photocopy of ID), all of the preceding to be signed by hand and send it to the following address:

Orange Cloud for Business Centre de Contact 892 rue Yves Kermen 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt - France

The recipients of the above personal data are: Orange Cloud for Business, Orange Cloud for Business’s IT partners involved in the management of its activity, Orange Cloud for Business’s commercial partners.


When browsing the site accessible from the URL, cookies are logged on the operating system of the Visitor’s online device.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a text file saved on your computer by your Internet browser. Cookies are used to provide a number of essential functions associated with Internet sites. In particular, cookies are used to save information about browsing on the site (date/time of consultation, page consultants, click date and time, click location, etc.).

Why Cookies?

Many cookies are used to deliver essential functions of the Internet site. For example, whenever a Visitor purchases online, the cookies memorize the content of the Visitor’s basket. Other Cookies help Orange Cloud for Business understand how the Internet site is actually used by Visitors, and thus give insight as to how the site might be improved. To this end, Orange Cloud for Business uses tools to analyze site traffic. Cookies also help Orange Cloud for Business identify any sections on its Internet site which are not working correctly; thus, the necessary remedial steps can be carried out. Orange Cloud for Business can also process Visitors personal data to push personalized content, as well as information about special deals and new offers.

Managing cookies

Most Internet browsers allow the user to manage Cookies. You can opt to accept or refuse all Cookies, or just some types of Cookies.

Accepting cookies

By using the Internet site, you agree that Orange Cloud for Business can set Cookies in the operating system of the online device.

Refusing Cookies

Orange Cloud for Business hereby informs Visitors that they can prevent Cookies from being saved, as follows:

Microsoft Internet Explorer : 1. Go to the “Tools” menu, and then “Internet Options” 2. Click the “Confidentiality” tab 3. Move the slider to the desired level

Mozilla Firefox : 1. Go to the “Tools” menu and then “Options” 2. Click the “Privacy” tab 3. "Cookies” rubric"

Chrome : 1. Go to the “Edit” menu and then “Preferences” 2. Click the “Personal Data” option 3. “Cookies” rubric

Safari : 1. Go to the “Edit” menu and then “Preferences”" 2. Click the “Personal Data” option 3. “Cookies” rubric

What happens if you refuse Cookies?

Even if you refuse Cookies, you can still use some parts of the Internet site, including most of the information pages regarding the most recent Orange Cloud for Business offers. However, some useful sections will no longer be accessible if you refuse to Cookies; such sections include online assistance, subscription to Orange Cloud for Business offers, and so on.

Available information

The information min available by Orange Cloud for Business on, such as information regarding product references and/or services provided by Orange Cloud for Business are furnished without any tacit nor express guarantees of any nature, this including any nature of guarantees as to commercialization nor as to suitability for a given purpose.

Hypertext links

Orange Cloud for Business gives no guarantee regarding, and cannot be held responsible for, any or all information disseminated on published websites and/or managed by third parties which are reached via hypertext links on

Applicable law

These General Conditions of Use are governed by French law.